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In these days Netherlands from Europe already built several world’s best data centers with decent premium quality internet backbone connections to countries all over the world. Based on the dedicated VPN facilities located in Amsterdam co-locations, here we provide a better-than-over secure and anonymous internet browsing experience to end users – for FREE!

Because of the excellent network backbone connection built by Dutch, This L2TP standard VPN service provides extremely low latency and minimum jitter to users from countries in both Europe, Middle East, Far Asia and South Africa, it’s an ideal daily service for everyone who need an easy to use, very reliable, long term based VPN service! By utilizing the professional VPN facilities from one of the best data center in Netherlands, we are able to provide users from all over the world to enjoy the amazing Free VPN tunneling service in Desktop computers and smartphones instantly.

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Highlights of the NL Free VPN service

10 Mbit/s dedicated high speed internet connection from premium Amsterdam data center for each VPN session, up to 80Gbps total bandwidth to Europe and all over the world;

    Encrypts and compresses all web browsing traffic using MPPE 128bits, very secure and safe;

    Bypasses ISP’s traffic shaping and websites blocking with simple PPTP dial-up connection;

    Hiding online tracks from internet sniffing & web filtering system like Websense;

    No logs, No traces, no any VPN activities history saved in VPN network side;

    Hiding real internet IP naturally when using our VPN service, easily get Holland IP for your needs;

    Working with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, iPhone, iPad, Google Android, WM65 and most network appliances;

    Service is online at 24×7 with 99.9% SLA, with options to upgrade to 5Mbit/s bandwidth commercial VPN service.

Commercial NL based VPN service

If you are satisfied with the Free NL VPN service, and want to get higher dedicated bandwidth plus up to 99.9% SLA, you can consider to upgrade to our commercial VPN service with 5Mbit/s dedicated bandwidth guaranteed, contact us for more details.

Note: No illegal activities allowed when using this free service, in case of abusing our service, the VPN access logs will be provided to related authorities when needed, thanks for your corporation.